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Ninjitsu Dog

Shredded nori seaweed and flash-grilled cabbage drizzled with smokehouse teriyaki sauce, topped with Japanese mayo

Wushu Dog

Pork sung and flash-grilled cabbage drizzled with a sweet and savory katsu sauce, topped with Japanese mayo

Kendo Dog

Sprinkled with bonito fish flakes and flash-grilled cabbage drizzled with a rich soy paste, topped with wasabi mayo

Shaolin Monk Dog

Crispy lettuce and flash-grilled cabbage, topped with a bold miso glaze, wrapped in crispy nori seaweed

Sumo Dog

Japanese curry beef chili and flash-grilled cabbage, topped with fresh chopped scallions


Super-refreshing and freshly brewed mango jasmine green tea


Sweet, nutty, and freshly brewed wintermelon jasmine green tea

Hot Roasted Milk Tea

Hot off the grill

Hot Dogs or Legs!?!?

We at Dojo Dog love anything hot dog so obviously we are loving this meme. Check out more here....


What’s a dojo dog?

Find out in person at Bancroft Ave and College Way! We’re open weekdays 11-4pm. Can’t wait to serve you a delicious Dojo Dog once again!...


We’re Back!

After our 8-month hiatus, we are happy to report that we are back in action at the intersection of Bancroft Way and College Ave. Thanks to all of you for your patience and support....


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Hot dogs with an asian kick

What do you get when you combine the classic American hot dog with the unique flavors of Asia? Dojo Dog!! Don't settle for the ordinary. Add a kick to your day with Dojo Dog. Try our fusion of natural all-beef hot dogs with the finest Asian-inspired ingredients. Taste the premium 100% beef frankfurter and fresh French hoagie roll from top quality local suppliers in the Bay Area.

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